Soil Treatment and Corrective treatment

Termites are known for their ability to cause great deal of damage to wooden structures and furniture. This translates to high cost for repairs or replacement. Furthermore, termites attack is easy to go unnoticed and by the time it was detected, the damage could have already been extensive.
Our soil treatment/ corrective treatment aims to protect your property through the usage of field tested chemicals that provides years of protection for your assets.

Disinfection services

Virus and bacteria cause illness. This could lead to a drop in productivity and business activities. Our chemicals are laboratory tested and proven to inactivate such viruses and bacteria making your workplace or premise safe, keeping you healthy. 

General pest control

We offer a comprehensive range of residential, commercial and  pest control solutions designed to effectively control and manage the risk of pests. Common pests includes rodents, roaches, ants and other common pest.
Our services offer properties superior pest control to support legislative and auditing requirements, protect valuable goods and machinery and safeguard the hygiene and safety of your premises.